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The funny, lovely, and crazy Youtubers! (List of my favourite Youtubers)

How happy we are if we can do our hobbies but also we get pay? Thanks to the internet, you can do that easily nowadays.

Youtuber is someone who share video on Youtube ( You can find so so so so so many Youtubers nowadays. Some youtubers share their hobby, other youtubers tell a story or do something funny, while the others give a tips. Which one is your favourite? Here, I will share about my favourite Youtubers and their videos.

  1. Kevjumba

I accidentally found Kevjumba in Youtube a few years ago. He upload a funny videos with unique topics. Whenever you feel sad, just watch Kevjumba videos and you can get your laugh back. Kevjumba is the first Youtuber who attract me. Unfortunately, Kevjumba who has a real name Kevin Wu, left his activity as Youtuber since 2013. There are rumours about his leaving. Some people guess he become a monk due to his charity activity in Africa. But, don’t worry, his videos are still available in his channel. The video below are my favourite video from Kevjumba.

  1. Nigahiga (2nd channel: HigaTV)

His real name is Ryan Higa. He is Kevjumba’s friend. The type of videos that he upload is similar with Kevjumbas’, but I admit that he is very creative in making video. I strongly recommend you to watch his video. Not forget to mention that he is also very very popular to the people around the world.

  1. Michelle Phan

Hmm.. it’s difficult to describe Michelle Phan. She is very talented, lovely, and inspiring. In her youtube channel, there are many inspiring videos, especially to girls. Mostly, her videos are about make up tips. I believe that you will astonished watch her make up tutorial. Well, I think you can judge her by yourself from watching her videos, so what are you wating for? Quickly watch her channel right now!

  1. Smosh

Smosh has 20.362.049 subscribers! You can guess yourself how popular they are. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the owner of Smosh channel. They make funny parodies video which will make you laugh endlessly. The more shocking is that they had interviewed Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter Movie) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor Movie) in their video. I found Smosh recently from my friend. But actually, Smosh was born on Youtube since 2005. There are so many videos that I want to recommend, but it won’t make you curious. Check the rest videos by yourself in their channel!

  1. TheFineBros

Another popular Youtuber. TheFineBros consist of two brothers, they are Benny Fine and Rafi Fine. They make a react videos series which is very interesting to watch. Well, hmm.. it’s difficult to explain if you don’t watch it by yourself.

Actually, I still have many favourite Youtubers. But I lost my energy to typing the words, sorry. So, I will just mention the channels’ name of my other favourite Youtubers. They are: Asian Beauty Secret (beauty&health tips), AreWeFamousNow (the opinion from people about muslim), Off The Great Wall (discuss interesting topics), and G Diipa (beauty tips). Enjoy!

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