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You had to do something When you are nothing

These days, I feel so lazy to writing a post. Maybe due to I don’t have something to do. Huh? Are you confuse? Well, this is just my opinion, when you have too much free time, you will more lazy to move around. Why? Well, I don’t know. Perhaps because you are too comfortable lying on the couch. Or maybe you lose your spirit.

BUT this time! Right now! I wanna change! Yes, I have to.

After reading this post, I wish you got motivated to. Actually, I addressed this post especially for a job seeker (same with my condition now).

After I daydreaming long enough, I had thought how to fight my laziness. That is… I have to do something. Whatever it is, I shouldn’t be lazy. Because the laziness will make you more lazy. Now, I will share some activities you can do in your ‘very’ free time.

  1. Improve your english language (if your mother-tongue is not english)

There are many many ways to improve your english skill. If you are too lazy to study, you can do this in a fun way. This is what I actually do to improve my english :

a. Watch english movie with english subtitle. It will help your listening, speaking, and vocabulary. When you find a word that you don’t understand, you have to write it and looking for the meaning of that word.

b. Watch any movie with english subtitle. Whether the movie is korean movie or thailand movie, don’t choose your own native language subtitle. The point is, whatever its movie, choose english subtitle.

c. If you are confident enough, you can watch english movie without subtitle. Wanna try?

  1. Learning foreign languages

Don’t you feel bored to speak the same language everyday? Especially when communication links are already very extensive, you can talk to someone who is far away in another country. You may speak english for your communication, but it would be more interesting if you can speak their language. Besides, it could give more value in your cv (curriculum vitae) when you apply for a job.

  1. Listening foreign music, read the lyric, find the meaning

Again and again, this is all about improving foreign language skill. Well, sorry, actually this is just my hobby. But this is very helpful, right?

  1. Produce sweat

I mean you should do exercise. When you are too lazy and do nothing, you are accumulating fat in your body. In exercise, you can do what you like to do. If you like to swim, then swimming, if you like to run, you may do jogging, or you can just play soccer with your friends. Even household chores is an exercise! So, come on, let’s exercise, and get healthy!

Well, no matter how hard I try to think, I couldn’t find another way to kill our free times. But I wish this article can give you an inspiration, so you can have a quality time in your free time. Especially for a job seeker, let’s do useful things while hoping to get a call from the company. Goodluck, guys!

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