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New Year’s Eve.. Party time?

Tomorrow is New Year, it may has a special meaning for some people. A new career, new relationship, new personality, or just new outfit. And tonight, there will be many kind of events with many kind of people. Well, I can’t say it is an event, because we usually describe events as celebration, while someone maybe just sitting alone watching television. So, I think many kind of activities can be more represent about what people will do tonight.
Here, I will write various activities which can describe the personality. I’m not an expert, so it may not the same with your opinion.
1. Tick Tock Tick Tock, Don’t Stop The Party!

We start with the extremes one. This kind of people usually like to party in their daily life. New Year’s eve party is just an excuse for them. The only difference is they have to prepare the trumpet to be blown in the midnight, shows that the year was changed. Coming alone to the party is not a matter to them, it is due to they always feel the party is like their own home, soooo comfortable, no matter where the place is.
2. Just Because…


Just because people usually celebrate it, just because there is once a year event , just because my friends invite me, and so many another ‘just because…’
They don’t want to miss this special event. Yep, this kind of people usually partying only on special day. Surely, they like to meet new people. Or in some case, the introvert who doesn’t like the crowded, is forced to come. And.. what did they do there? Eat, drink, dance, jump, take a photo and ends with blowing trumpet. And then sleep. At their own home, of course.
3. Garden Party, Simple but Meaningful


What’s on your mind if you choose this events? Barbecue? Talk about the other funny secret? Or lying in the grass looking at the stars? For the last option, make sure the sky is clear enough tonight.
I’ve done this event, long time ago. My classmates and I have a small party in New Year’s eve. There is no barbecue, we just burn the corn, and cooking together while waiting for a new year. But it is very meaningful, because we feel togetherness.
I think it will be more fun if you have the garden party with your family, do you know why? Because you don’t have to spending money buying foods, everything is on your parents, ha ha ha.
4. Is there something to watch in TV?

There is always a plan in New Year’s eve. Even watching a TV is a plan. This is what I choose in my New Year’s eve. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like being stuck in traffic jam. I prefer lying in couches with a glass of warm chocolate while watching television, alone or with my family. I never think New Year is a special day to celebrate. I just think that, well, tomorrow is 2015, I wake up from my bed, take a shower, have a breakfast, and… do what I always do.
So, what kind of person are you in New Year’s eve?

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