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In my country, Indonesia, we have some special moment. One of all the moment that attract me is EARTH HOUR moment. This moment invite us to save the energy in an hour. Well, just an hour.

I don’t know how many times this moment happen in a year, I guess it happen oftenly than I thought. What I remember is that I never celebrate that moment. Not because I don’t care about the ‘save energy’ thing, but because I have my own way to do that.

Whenever I got invitation to celebrate the EARTH HOUR moment, it is just not in the right time, because it happen when I have so so so many tasks. Well, people can say it is as my excuse. But, I realize enough that the energy in my country is in crisis time. So, I think it is better to do EARTH HOUR’S’ than EARTH HOUR. There are some way we can do to save our energy.

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1. Choose one: watching Television or listening radio or doing something with computer. Some people turn on three of that things in same time. They do task in computer while turn on the television, or turn on radio. It is very waste of energy, right?

2. Turn off the lamp. It is the easiest way, but people underestimate this important thing. If you have completed with your business in bathroom or you did nothing in bedroom, it is better if you turn off the lamp. Easy, right?

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3. Cook and Eat. Some people don’t realize this matter, include my mother. We can save energy with rice cooker. After the rice is cooked, we can turn off it. Then 15 minutes before we eat, we can turn on it again.

Well, I think there are so many many and many another way for us to save the energy. And what I mentioned is just the little part of that another many way. So, guys, let’s help the world with saving the energy. It is not a difficult thing to do, not as hard as homework, not as tired as running. Start from us, from the easy way, right now, we can make the world a better place to live on.

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