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The Reason I don’t Wanna Get Married

If I have a choice, I will choose not to get married. But in my religion, there is rule said that it is a must for a woman and a man getting married legally.


I believe every action has its own reason. I have a reason too. Maybe some people judge a person who doesn’t married in a bad way. But, well, they are human, always talk without know the fact first.

There are opinion from people about someone who doesn’t get married :


1. That person has a bad trauma in love experience, so the person think it is better to be alone.

2. That person’s family is broken home. You know, the quarrel between parents can affect someone’s perception about married life. So, who’s to blame?


3. That person looking for a perfect couple. I hear this opinion mostly from people around me. If there is a single man or woman whose their age is old enough to get married, many people think that the person has a high standard. Well, maybe it is true that the person has a high standard, but, hey, God has more power than them. So I think how high the standard is, destiny is destiny. That’s why if there is an old (old enough to get married) single man or woman, I always think maybe they still don’t meet their destiny yet. But, well, who’s know the truth?

4. That person doesn’t wanna live in a bound. While the reason in number three mostly used by people who judge, this reason number four oftenly used by a person who doesn’t wanna get married.

At first, the reason number four is my reason too. Whenever I like someone, the feeling won’t last long. Yep, I know I’m a bad girl, whatever. Maybe because of it, I feel more comfortable if I live alone, so no one will got hurt by me. But now, I have a better reason. My reason is in number five.

5. I wanna take care my parents forever. And behind this reason, there is another reason. These day I knew the sad facts. I knew all human has a selfish side, but their selfishness is too much now. I read news there is an old man live alone near the mountain. His neighbour said that his family left him alone, and more sadly is that when the mountain will erupt, there is no one to save him, even his own family. If I’m not forgot, I read this from Luckily, the reporter from this newspaper found him. But he is not the only one. This afternoon, my grandfather tell me that there is his friend who live alone. His wife and his family left him alone and lock him. When my grandfather visit him, he is even hard to chew the food. I can’t write it more, I will cry.

Well, the point is that I’m too scared to leave my parents. I know there are still a way to us to take care them while we got married, but I really wanna spend my life to take care my parents. I don’t care when my friends said that we need someone to take care us when we getting old, I could live in nursing homes. Luckily I have a sister and brother, so if my parents want a grandchild, they can get from my sister and my brother.

But *sigh* my religion said it is a must to get married. Maybe I’m too young to think about marriage, or maybe it is because I still don’t find my destiny yet. I will just turn everything to God. Maybe someday, I have to get married not because I’m fallin in love with him, maybe it is just because the rule in my religion said we have to. Whatever, for now, in my opinion, marriage is not about love, it is about destiny. So, whatever the reason we get married, that’s because we met our destiny

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