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Being casual

Being casual

Being casual by vizoe featuring a coach shoulder bag

See by Chloé shirts top
$295 –

Oasis lace cardigan
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Mango shorts
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Platform sandals
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Coach shoulder bag
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Nail care

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Boys, do you really know about love?

Boys, Do you really know about love? Do you really really understand about love?
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I know I’m not the right person to tell this, but, from my perspective and my experience after watching music video, movie, from song’s lyric, and my friend’s story, I hope I can give you some clue about “Do you really know about love?”.
I will give you some cases and option to answer that case. The answer that you choose can describe who you are. You will know, until this time, did you do something right to someone that you love? Or, did you do something that you think you’re right? Of course, all the answer and the explanation are based on my own opinion. And because people have different personality, I think some girls won’t agree with me, but I’m just try to make a boy realize about what he did to his someone special.
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Case 1:
Someone you love (well, you can call it ‘your lover’, eventhough maybe it is just one-sided love) have hobby or something that she like to do, but, this thing is so different with her real personality. For example, she is a feminine, she always wear skirt and make up and she is not good in sport. But, someday, she tells you “Actually, I had interested to do rock-climbing. Eventhough now, I never did that yet, but someday I will do that. I wanna try that.”
Question: What will you say? Or what’s your response?
Option: (a) Wow, really? It’s amazing, I never imagine you will do that.
(b) Hahaha, don’t be kidding. You are feminine, I won’t believe you can do that.
For answer (a) If you give this answer, your lover will think that you appreciate her. She will be touched because of your positive response. Eventhough she maybe think that you lie, but if you give the response without much thinking, it means you really sincere. This is because girl like boy who can support.
For answer (b) Actually, isn’t it so obvious that this option is a bad answer? But, there are boy who’s clueless and choose this answer. And sometimes, when you read, you maybe won’t choose the option (b), but in reality, you won’t realize that you answer this option. Absolutely, for me, I don’t like this boy who’s answer (b). Eventhough maybe I have some special feeling to him, but, after he answer (b), I won’t like him anymore. Because it make me sad. And you have to know, boys, that you are a selfish boy if you choose this option. You describe love just from your own perspective. You love someone without thinking about her feeling. Just one word ‘SELFISH’.

Case 2:
You ask your lover to go out, but she had a date with her bestfriends, she say “I really wanna go with you, but I promise to eat with my bestfriends. I think it will be good if you join us, so I can introduce you to my friends.”
Question: Will you accept her invitation to eat with her friends or not?
Option: (a) Yes, I would like to.
(b) No, I don’t wanna meet her bestfriends. I’m too shy
Actually, girl want to introduce her boyfriend to her friends. She want the boy know more about herself through her friend. And, sometimes, for us (girls), our friends can judge if our boyfriend is a good boy or not.
For answer (a) Well, I can’t say anymore, absolutely the girl will give you so many points. Girl will think this boy as gentleman.
For answer (b) Come on, boys, why? Why do you have to say no? And it will be worse if you say “don’t bring your friends in our date”. Sometimes, maybe we wanna go just the two of us, but, you (boys) will look so gentle if you say “let’s date and bring your friends together, it will be fun”. You can have so many reason, you san say that you are shy or not ready yet, but, if you always decline, it means you are just a loser. You lover will think that you have something wrong.

Case 3:
It is especially for one-sided love, but, maybe it can happen to your lover. You love your lover so much, but, your girl love someone else.
Question: Will you let her go or will you hold her tightly?
Answer: I don’t know much about love. But, from my friends’ experience, when they love someone, it was so difficult to let her/him go. But, guys, do you know the definition about love? Okay, maybe this definition is different to you, but if you are a cool boy or cool girl (and I try to be like that), you will agree with this definition, “love is something you give to someone without expecting the acknowledgement” so, if your lover love someone else, you must also be happy to her/him. You can hold her, but not tightly. You have to believe with destiny, this make you more cool.
So, how is it? Do you realize after read the cases? I hope so.
The topic about love has not end yet, but, i have to collect some data to write, so keep waiting guys 😀

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Love Yourself Everyday

Love Yourself Everyday

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