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Insomia, euhh.

on March 10, 2014

I believe most people felt this uncomfortable thing. Nowadays, there are so many things disturb my peaceful dream…

I can’t sleep before 3 am, eventhough I went to bed at 11 pm. First of all, it is so obvious that I get pressure from my minor thesis. And my unsure future always haunt me . Another problem is about some personal problems. I’ve try to read some article in internet about ‘how to solve our insomnia’ , it say that:

1. Drink a milk -> I’ve try, but, it doesn’t affect at all

2. Take a breath, let the matter dissappear for a while -> I did, but, still, not effective

3. Reading a book -> well, I feel asleep after I read a book, but when I go to back to my bed, taadaaa… I don’t feel asleep anymore

4. Listening music -> until my phone get low battery, I can’t sleep,even, I enjoy the music too much, kekekke..

Finally, my suggest is.. just waiting until you really wanna sleep. So, there is no way out exactly. Insomnia really make me desperate. euuhhhh.


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