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Obviously, It’s Spring

Obviously, It's Spring

Obviously, It’s Spring by vizoe featuring floral shorts

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My Flower Day..

My Flower Day..

My Flower Day.. by vizoe featuring crop tops

Capezio crop top

Vero Moda loose pants
$49 –

High heel sandals
$50 –

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My Flower Day..

My Flower Day..

My Flower Day.. by vizoe featuring vegan purses

Capezio crop top

Vero Moda black trousers
$49 –

Black high heel sandals
$50 –

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I don’t believe in Love, I believe in Destiny

Image (picture from Dorama titled ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’)

Each person has their own soul-mate

In my opinion, soul-mate is someone that will be always besides you untill the end of your day. Your family is absolutely your soulmate, because they are always in your heart until you die. Your bestfriends are your soul-mate too, of course if you are still keep your friendship until the end. But now, I wanna talk about your lover as your soul-mate.

Do you have a lover right now? Do you believe that your lover now will become your soul-mate? Of course you will think your lover is your soul-mate when you are fallin in love to her/him deeply, but it’s possible that sometimes you are not sure about that.

I fall in love once, not a long time ago. Actually, I don’t know about the definition of love. But my friend said that if your heart beat faster when you’re thinking someone, it means you fallin in love with that person. Then I remember him, he is the only man that make my heart beat so fast whenever I’m thinking about him. Eventhough I have a boyfriend, but, still, he make my heart beat, not my boyfriend. But now, I realize that someone you love may not necessarily be your soul-mate. Because, even until now, this man still make my heart beat faster, then do you think that he will be my soul-mate? Nope. He will be a husband for another girl soon. Yap, he will get married.

After that, I believe that God will give us a destiny. Eventhough maybe someone that will be my soul-mate in the future is not someone that I love, but I believe he is my destiny from God. You may be curious and start to ask “how can we marry someone if we don’t love him/her?”. Yes you can. You can marry someone for some reason. Like what the old people did, they got married because of their parents. Or maybe you marry someone is just for their money or popularity or another reason. But, when you marry him/her, absolutely he/she is your destiny, your soul-mate. Maybe someday, you will fallin in love with her/him.

That’s why, now, I don’t believe with love, I believe with what God give to me, I believe in my destiny. Eventhough I fall in love deeply with someone, if he is not my destiny, then he won’t be my future husband. If I believe with love too much, I won’t accept the reality that he is not my destiny. That’s why there are people that commit suicide because of their love story ends, it means they don’t believe in destiny.

Then, how can married couple got divorced? Well, if that’s the case, I can’t answer it. Exactly, I don’t find yet the answer.

Whatever, I will just believe in destiny, I don’t belive with love.

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What should you do?

My friend ask me, “What should I do? I’m thinking about this guy all day..” well, she must be dissappoint because I can’t answer her question. Then I start to curious, I ask myself, “What will I do if I can’t stop thinking about someone?” I can’t still find the answer. And then, I ask my another friends.

It is so funny because their reaction is like I have someone special to think about. Well, actually, if you read my question carefully (read again: “What will I do if I can’t stop thinking about someone?”) , it is not always about someone special, it can be someone who’s annoy us, or someone that help us this afternoon but we can’t give anything, isn’t it? Hahaha, I think all my friends only think about the sweet thing. But, It’s okay, because when we keep thinking about our someone special, it make us frustated, desperate, but don’t be crazy, guys, okay.. Haha. So, these are the advice from my friends about “What will I do if I can’t stop thinking about someone?” , unfortunately, there is one of my friend doesn’t answer yet, it’s okay, I have the answer enough. Hohoho

This is the opinion from 7 of my friends..

1. Busy.. Busy.. Busy..

Two of my friends said that we can do our hobby or some activity to make us busy. I think I agree.. *little bit*. When we are busy or do something fun, maybe we can forget about that someone. Look! I say ‘maybe’. It is because this way is not always effective. I did. A long time ago, when I’m so desperate because of someone that always appear in my mind, I try to do my hobby to forget about him. BUT, I can’t. My hobby is watching movie, writing story, and design a dress,but whenever I did my hobby, he is still appear  and disturb my mind. But, maybe, for some people, this is the effective way, so, you can try it, guys.

2. Drawing his/her face

Maybe you will think that this way is too difficult. Haha, yepp, at first I think so. Because we have to have a skill to draw, right? Hahaha, one of my friend give this suggestion to me. But then I think again, maybe what my friend said is to draw the face up to us, it means we can draw as worst as we can do. With draw the face, we don’t feel miss him/her anymore. Hahaha.. I will try this way if someday it happen to me *promise*

3. Like the water, let it flow

Eventhough I think this way is more difficult than number 1 way, but, surprisely, three of my friends gave this answer. I still can’t understand, if we let the matter flow, then it means we still think about that someone? But we want to forget that someone, right? When I ask my friend to explain again, my friend said that you can enjoy the moment when you are thinking about that someone.. Woooww.. very good answer, isn’t it?

4. Throw your pride

Wow wow, what’s this way about? Throw our pride? Yes, throw your pride. One of my friend said that we can contact that someone. Forget about your shyness, throw your pride, and brave yourself to contact him/her. But, you can’t force her/him if he/she doesn’t give the respond. If you feel so desperate because your texting or chat doesn’t get respond, you can back to another way before, hhaaha.

Well, now, does it solve? You can choose which way and how. Now, I hope you can breath peacefully again. Hohoho. Not forget to say thank you for all of my friends who give me opinion.. Bye Bye~

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My Love, Blazer

My Love, Blazer

My Love, Blazer by vizoe featuring shirts & tops

Jigsaw black tank top
$49 –

Pull Bear shirts top
$10 –

Cropped jacket


LTB by Little Big green jeans
$39 –

Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

Crossbody handbag
$100 –

2b red handbag

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Go to School

Go to School
Go to School by vizoe featuring Pineider

Diane Von Furstenberg blouse
$355 –

Fat Face leather jacket
$42 –

Tommy Hilfiger mini skirt
$46 –

Rag & Bone high heel boots

Bracelet charm

Pineider home decor

Jamali Garden
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Insomia, euhh.

I believe most people felt this uncomfortable thing. Nowadays, there are so many things disturb my peaceful dream…

I can’t sleep before 3 am, eventhough I went to bed at 11 pm. First of all, it is so obvious that I get pressure from my minor thesis. And my unsure future always haunt me . Another problem is about some personal problems. I’ve try to read some article in internet about ‘how to solve our insomnia’ , it say that:

1. Drink a milk -> I’ve try, but, it doesn’t affect at all

2. Take a breath, let the matter dissappear for a while -> I did, but, still, not effective

3. Reading a book -> well, I feel asleep after I read a book, but when I go to back to my bed, taadaaa… I don’t feel asleep anymore

4. Listening music -> until my phone get low battery, I can’t sleep,even, I enjoy the music too much, kekekke..

Finally, my suggest is.. just waiting until you really wanna sleep. So, there is no way out exactly. Insomnia really make me desperate. euuhhhh.

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Look at me!

Look at me!
Look at me! by vizoe featuring a moto jacket
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Voila! by vizoe featuring perfume fragrances

Iska cap sleeve dress
$50 –

Call it SPRING stiletto shoes
$47 –

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