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The end of my lucky 2013, is it?

on December 30, 2013

Well, it’s almost the  end of 2013. Who’s said 13 is the bad luck number? I did, and so many people did.
But i’ve change my opinion about this bad number after what i through along this year. I think number 13 is a bad number and another number too. So, what i mean is that there’s no guarantee about which number has a bad luck.
In this 2013 year, i feel i have so many lucky things. Start from my ipk in semester 5, well, i don’t mean  to show off, but with so many difficult subjects, i can keep my ipk stable. Then suddenly i got a scholarship from my university eventhough i didn’t  register for it. And then after i work hard looking for the intern’s place, finally my group accepted in intern’s place, well, for this, i have to say thankyou for my father’s help. And while another group have so many complaint about their intern’s place, my group is very fine, even we go to holiday in Bali after the intern’s activity end.
In last year, there are so many rumour about this year. Some people said this year is the end of the life. Another said there will be a big meteor fall in earth and destroy everything. And all of that rumour make me afraid to face this year. But fortunately, that is just rumour. Fiuhh.
A new year comes so fast, everyone feel excited and prepared everything for it, but not for me. I feel anxious about the next year. I wonder if 2014 can give me a lucky thing like what happened in 2013 or not. And i’m afraid if it’s the last year of my lucky life. I don’t know, we never know about tomorrow, but at least we still have to prepare ourselves welcome a new year, a year with an unsure things. So that i still curious why people are very excited about next year eventhough they aren’t sure either.
Now, who’s still think that 2013 is the end of the world?



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