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Do you think Love is Easy?

on November 24, 2013


One of my favourite lyric song from my favourite band is below, and yepp, i got an idea to writing about it..

McFly – Love is Easy

“If this is love, then love is easy. It’s the easiest thing to do”

Just with a glance, you’ve been know the meaning, right?
McFly say ‘love is easy’, well, in their lyric. I don’t think everyone will accept this easily. With all of your experience in love, surely there’re some sad story behind it. And that mean the lyric of McFly isn’t right. Hmmm, calm down.. You can’t tell just from one side of your view. I think McFly have many views  to interpret the phrase.

Do you love your mother? Your father? How about love for your family? Did you do something to loving your parents? Of course nope. We naturally love them.

But, it’s so funny cause we have to do something to prove our love for someone (the opposite-sex, someone who doesn’t  have blood ties with you know what i mean, okay). And more funny, we did that very hard. Not just physically, but emotionally make us hurt, sometimes. Sorry sorry, maybe just because my heart feel empty this day then i blame that stupid thing to do with love. Well, i don’t think that’s funny, anyway. Of course we have to do something to prove that we love that person, because not everyone can read people’s mind, kkekkekee.

So, what love is easy? For me, i feel love is easy when i love my parents, my sister, my brother, my family, aanddd love is very very easy if i have to love McFly ^_^ and ice cream, and chocolate, and watermelon, anddd another many thing that i looooveee~

So i guess, i don’t have someone that make me think ‘love is hard’? mmm… well… that because i still haven’t found ‘someone’ *.*

By the way, i love this song -> McFly- Love is easy. You have to try to listen too, okay? 🙂


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