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on November 17, 2013

“If God wanted the two person met again, They met for a reason”

(From k-drama “I hear your voice”)


I never believe about destiny, before. That’s because i’ve experience with someone who’s always say that he doesn’t need to work hard, he just resigned to his fate. I really hate those principle. I always believe that successful comes from work hard.

But i realize, i’m not hate to that destiny. I just disagree with his thinking about destiny. He is really wrong. I know destiny is exist, because it comes from God. But you won’t get the good destiny if you don’t work hard.

The things that change my opinion about destiny is from the title song from k-pop idol group ‘Infinite’. Their new title song is DESTINY. I talk this is not because i’m a fan of this idol group. The truth is i’m a fan of one of their member, but i won’t say the name now (maybe next time). As a fan, i won’t naive to admit that sometime what I do inspired by what he did. And yepp, at one time in reality show, he (who’s my favourite member in Infinite) said “the best moment in my life is right now. I always think every second in my life is valuable, because i believe what happen to me in this second is my destiny”. Actually, i have the similar thinking with that. I always think that everything happen have a reason. And yepp, that reason is part of our destiny.

We never know about our future, our destiny. And because of that, we have to keep trying to achieve our good destiny. At least, do what we can do to get what we want. And don’t miss to keep praying, because our destiny come from our work hard and the approval of God.

If right now you want something about your love future, keep trying and believing that you will with her/him someday. Eventhough in the end she/he is not your destiny, you won’t regret because you’ve tried. Or if right now you have a very big dream that yourself doubt to achieve, never give up to get it. Remember, so many success man out there did more failures before he succeeded. So you should be ashamed if you give up quickly.

Back to the quote above, if two person who know each other before and then met again, that must be has a reason. Whether they are friend or enemy, God has a reason to unite them. That situation was called destiny. And you won’t able to avoid that.

So, do you believe in destiny?

I do.


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