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When the DREAM becomes the most expensive thing

on November 15, 2013


A dreams…

What’s a dream? For me, a dream is something you want to achieve. How hard it is to get, you will never ever give up for this. And a dream is.. the cheapest thing in this world, because everyone in the world can have it. It will just be the most expensive thing IF you can’t achieve this.

I just watched a movie titled “5 cm”. Yep, this movie is very famous in Indonesia. Unfortunately, my opinion about Indonesian movie these day is not too good. So, eventhough this movie was released a very long time ago, maybe i’m the only one who’s watching this movie today. And over all, i like the ending part. That part talk about a DREAM. Then i start to ask myself, why do the dream come to me these day? A few days ago, i watched the documentary about my favourite group band, the band is Sheila On 7. And two of the member talk about dream too. Not just that, suddenly i remember my favourite song from a band which is the lyric talk about a dream. Dream, dream, and a dream. Why is it about a dream?

Then i realize, the success man must be have a dream to be a success man. Well, the definition of that success is different for each people. Success to be a leader, success to make their family proud, success to be  a good husband, and so many other of success. I wanna be one of that success man. And because of that, i also have a dream. My dream is……wait, it’s secret 🙂

I believe everyone who’s still life have a dream. If you don’t have it, well, you better die. Sorry, i’m kidding. So, what i wanna say is.. starting now, please, have a dream. Because like what i said before, dream is the cheapest thing in your life. But, you have to promise to yourself that you will achieve your dream. In 5 cm movie said “Put your dream about 5 cm from your forehead, and believe it will be come true”. While the member of Sheila On 7 said “Our dream is the mirror of our future”. And the sentences that i won’t forget in Bondan Fade 2 Black’s lyric is “Life starts from a dream”

Don’t show off your dream in social networking, don’t talking to much about your dream to another people, BUT, close your eyes and say your dreams with your heart, that will be more valuable. And don’t forget, without God, your dream and your effort is just like a dust. And you will always need a friend around you, people who’s support you to get that dream. If your friend laugh to your dream, you just need give them a smile and say “Thank you” why? Because their laugh is the reason why you have to make your dreams come true.


are you ready to have a dream?


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