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on August 10, 2013

This is my third blog…

Yep, my third blog.. But wait! don’t think that i’m a crazy girl who make many blog just for increase my existence 😐

If you ask me about my first and second blog, hmmmp, how can i explain? 😐 my first blog isn’t active anymore because my friend said that the domain title is too strange. Then i make the second blog, buuut… just for a few month, my second blog suddenly dissappear T_T well, actually it’s my fault, but i think it won’t enough to tell the reason. So, Here I am (again) with my third blog.

Because i’m not a creative person, so please understand if this domain title is too simple. “Don’t judge book by cover” , that is one of proverb i know, so, don’t judge this blog by the domain title but you have to read the content too, Okay? Hihi.. Enjoy~~




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